This breed is small, compact and hardy. Such dogs are active companions for kids and also for adults. They can be also stubborn, so they requite patience and creative training techniques. Their noses guide them through life.

Remember that they are never happier than when they follow an interesting scent. Originally, they were bred to track small game, mostly rabbits. They are happy, outgoing and loving – however, one of their most distinctive feature is inquisitiveness, which is sometimes backed by determination and focus on food.

They are also pack dogs and generally they get along with other animals and with human friends. One thing everyone has to know about this breed is that their noses are an important part of their anatomy and their heads are always down to the ground. It is the most common reason why Beagles are turned over to rescue groups.

This breed is the target for thieves who would steal them and perhaps sell them to research laboratories to be used for experiments. Although they are loving and gentle, they can have an independent, stubborn streak. What everyone should know is that they need an obedience training with their owner or a person fully understanding hound’s personality.