Bloodhounds’ ancestors were bred in medieval France to trail deer and boars. Currently, this breed is highly active and intelligent. It fans love it for its sweet nature and unique appearance. Modern Bloodhounds serve as mantrailers for police departments, as well as for search and rescue organizations.

Those dogs belong to a group of dogs that hunt together by scent, known as Sagaces in Latin. Not everyone can live with a large dog who slings slobber and exudes a distinctive houndy odor. If you can, you will find Bloodhound to be kind, sensitive, as well as tolerant of children and other animals.

With the right family, it is a dog of great character bringing much joy and laughter. Bloodhounds require a fenced yard. This is not an option but a necessity. If they come across an interesting scent, they will follow it, head down, nose to the ground, eyes covered by their wonderful ears, oblivious to traffic and other dangers.

What is more, they will chew and swallow the most unimaginable items, from rocks and plants to batteries and TV remotes.