This breed of dog is a laughter, with a plenty of love, so probably everyone would love it. It is a great companion for the family. Originally, it was bred to fight for sport due to its stalwart devotion. What is more, it was used as a mascot of the United States Marine Corps. It may be admired for his loyalty and determination. If we talk about its temperament, it has to be said that it is just perfect. It loves children and what is more – it is easy to train as a family pet. It is clever and affectionate and everywhere it goes it is an attention magnet.

Moreover, what has to be said is that bulldogs are intolerant to warm weather. The worst side of the said state of affairs is that they would even die if overheated. Additionally, they can found it difficult to breathe if exercised too severely or exposed to too much stress. Bulldogs have to live indoors, because of their lack of tolerance to certain weather conditions.

Fun fact: bulldogs have a distinctive walk – a loose-jointed, shuffling, sidewise roll. What is also weird is that bulldogs cannot swim, because they have a massive head, short legs, and solid torso. All of that limits their ability to stay above water.