This breed is powerful and energetic, which is why its representatives need a plenty of exercise. This is important, because if they are not exercised enough, they may became irritable. From the early age, they need to socialize and their obedience has to be trained. They have a short, sleek and shiny black coat. Dobermans live about 10 to 12 years. If they are trained properly, they may affectionate and sweet towards people, so they will also be good for children, especially if they have been raised with them and are loyal to their owners.

Nevertheless, sometimes Dobermans may be bound only to one person only. The so-called Doberman pinscher, was created in Germany. At first, it was a guard dog. Probably, it was a mixture of many dog breeds, including Rottweiler, but its exact ancestry remains unknown. One thing is certain, however – Doberman Pinscher looks like an aristocrat. This breed is also used for police and military works. Nowadays, it is one of the most popular and recognized breeds in the United States. It is perfect for keeping house safe.