This breed is remarkably muscular and agile, but also graceful. When it comes to the size, German Pinscher is medium-sized with elegant appearance. It is admired for its beauty as much as for its intelligence. This breed is devoted and loving. German Pinscher has a lot of energy and more enthusiasm than all the remaining working breeds, but it also a great companion.

Even though German Pinschers may be troublesome at home, some will look you right in the eye and smile, showing their teeth in a big grin. Originally this breed was developed as a working one, responsible for hunting and killing vermin. Nowadays, once can find Pinscher in the conformation ring, at obedience rallies or agility trials, as well as at work in tracking.

It has to be also pointed out that they work as service dogs, therapy dogs, and as pampered pets who enjoy the comforts of family life. German Pinscher is intelligent and a quick learner. It can reach all levels of training and competition. Apartments are adequate homes for them. Additionally – this breed must be trained at a very young age.