Probably everyone knows German Shepherd Dog. It is one of the most recognizable breeds. This dog has an imposing size, intelligent eyes, and a legendary status of an ideal canine. It is also very athletic. This dog is great for leading and also – for detecting illicit drugs. The dog is an energetic and loyal companion. This is a dog of action so the best solution imaginable would be for it to live with an active person, who will give it a job worthy of his talents. Every family can have it, because it loves children.

This dog is rarely shy, nervous or aggressive. As it is also used as a police and military dog, this is normal. It is also taken advantage of as a guide, as well as a search and rescue dog. Its activeness is needed just as are its detecting skills. Nevertheless, nowadays this dog can also be found on farms and on ranches all over the world, including the United Stated.

This breed needs the minimum of a half-hour walk twice a day, plenty of mental exercises, and stimulations. It is not hard to teach it everything and that is why even couples living in a small city apartment can have it. What is very important is that it is not suited for living in the backyard.