Harriers were originally bred to hunt hares and foxes. Nowadays, this bred is not especially popular, but it has a remarkable sense of smell. That is why such dogs are a great fit for hunters. Sometimes, they are described as “Beagles on steroids”. They are great family companions. Unfortunately, you should not expect to find one in your neighborhood, because they are one of the rarest breeds registered by the American Kennel Club.

Harriers have a lot of mass for their size. Their muzzles are long. Their eyes are dark, alert and intelligent. They are not very fast, but indeed very strong. Their tails are set high and carried upright, making it easier for hunters to see them from a significant distance. They have a playful, outgoing personality, but one has to remember that they are not as outgoing as Beagles.

This breed is typically sweet-tempered. The discussed dogs are pack animals and that is why you should watch them – they would probably get along well with other dogs. They just like living in a pack, regardless of whether the pack is made up of dogs or people. Those dogs love to accompany their owners and demand their attention.