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Harriers were originally bred to hunt hares and foxes. Nowadays, this bred is not especially popular, but it has a remarkable sense of smell. That is why such dogs are a great fit for hunters. Sometimes, they are described as “Beagles on steroids”. They are great...

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German Pinscher

This breed is remarkably muscular and agile, but also graceful. When it comes to the size, German Pinscher is medium-sized with elegant appearance. It is admired for its beauty as much as for its intelligence. This breed is devoted and loving. German Pinscher has a...

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Those dogs are small and full of charm. They are fully capable of competing in dog sports such as agility and obedience. They are among top 10 watchdogs recommended by experts. They do not need much exercise, they just love to be with people. They are world’s smallest...

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Shih Tzu

Its name means “a little lion”, but Shih Tzu is a lover, not a hunter. It is a great companion, as it is an affectionate, happy, outgoing housedog. It loves to follow its owners from room to room. “Nobody knows how the ancient eunuchs managed to mix together: a dash...

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Poodle can be described by using three words only: elegant, proud, and clever. It is not only about blue ribbons, impressive hairdos, and regal attitude. It is also an affectionate family dog and with an ancient history and many talents. Do not be mistaken, though....

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Originally, this dog breed was to drive cattle to market. However, later on, the dogs were used to pull carts for butchers. They were also police dogs and served in honor of the military. This dog breed is strong and has a loving heart, just like a mythical Greek hero...

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    Harriers were originally bred to hunt hares and foxes. Nowadays, this bred …Read More »

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