Yorkshire Terrier is a very small-sized breed, but it has a remarkable in terms of personality. Moreover, it is a very loving companion, as well as is elegant and suitable to apartment living. It nickname is Yorkie. It has a long, silky coat and a perky topknot. Its looks attracts attention, no matter where it goes. It can be said that this dog is a big animal in a small body, but because of its thirst for adventure, it may be troublesome. They are great companions, but they are also sometimes suspicious of strangers and will bark at some strange sounds and intruders.

They need a lot of time and attention from their family. They can also be aggressive towards strange dogs and it would be better for them if there are no squirrels around. When it comes to their popularity, Yorkshire Terriers are the second most popular dog breed in the United States. They do not like cold. They are also quite difficult to housetrain. They can have a delicate digestive system and be picky eaters.