What should I know about dogs?

Tips for your dog on New Year’s Eve

Dogs can become stressed by the noise of fireworks causing them to become anxious, howl, bark or try to escape. Before New Year’s eve, we want to share few things that could help dogs which are afraid of fireworks: - keep animals in a place where they can’t flee -...

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Can dogs sense our emotions?

While watching certain family movies and cartoons, we can notice dogs coming closer or hugging humans when there are sad, stressed out, or miserable. For some of us, it is just an artistic creation and a way of showing that animals are more empathic than they are in...

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Your dog can smell things better than you!

If fact, it can do so from one thousand to even ten million times better! It is caused by the fact that depending on the breed, your canine may have one hundred million to even four hundred million scent glands in its nose, allowing it not only to easily and quickly...

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Dogs have sweat glands in their paws only

As you probably know, humans do have their sweat glands scattered all over their bodies, with the biggest amount of them located around our armpits. It may be surprising for some, but the case is completely different when it comes to our beloved canines. Their sweat...

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