While watching certain family movies and cartoons, we can notice dogs coming closer or hugging humans when there are sad, stressed out, or miserable. For some of us, it is just an artistic creation and a way of showing that animals are more empathic than they are in reality. However, scientists have proved that canines do truly sense our emotions – just in a different way that we may think about it.

While stressed or nervous, we sweat severely and the consistency and composition of our sweat is a bit different to that our body releases when we are truly joyful and full of energy. After sensing that change in composition, dogs know that there is something wrong and we desperately need their help, attention, and company. That is why they quickly come to us to cheer us up and to support us in our darkest hour.

It must be highlighted at this point that they are also highly proficient when it comes to sensing our positive emotions, such as euphoria, excitement, or preparedness.

As you might have guessed, they do that by using their remarkable sense of smell. It can be, therefore, claimed that our sweat gives our emotions and emotional states away in a heartbeat and dogs can easily decode pieces of information sent by our bodies.