As you probably know, humans do have their sweat glands scattered all over their bodies, with the biggest amount of them located around our armpits. It may be surprising for some, but the case is completely different when it comes to our beloved canines. Their sweat glands are located in their paws. To be a bit more precise, they can be found between their paw pads. That way, it is much easier for them to keep a desired body temperature during summer and remove the excess of sweat in a hygienic manner.

While running around the garden or having a long walk in the park, sweat from between their paw pads mixes with the moisture of the ground, allowing them to stay fresh at all times. When it comes to cooling down the rest of the body, canines focus predominantly on panting quickly and wagging their tail as a means of maintaining the so desired comfort on a hot, sunny day.

Alternatively, they may also choose to hide under a tree, go near a water reservoir, or stay in your house next to a radiator in order to avoid losing an excessive amount of energy cooling itself down. As it can be seen, our pets are as bright as we are when it comes to avoiding sunburns and heat! Watching them looking for convenient, humid and shady spots is a pleasure in itself!