Playing with your dog is an activity that can be great for you as well. Do not think about it as about a duty – this should be amazing even for you. Playing is natural behavior for dogs, especially for young ones. Playing with your dog gives the owner a great opportunity of establishing a bond with it.

What is more, dog’s mental and emotional well-being may improve thanks to that. As you probably know, dogs have to exercise. Its intensity and frequency depend on a specific breed, but playing can be the source of a great physical exercise for your dog. It is not so hard to do. It will be to play with your dog twice a day for a minimum of fifteen minutes.

Of course, as it has been said earlier, it depends on the breed and that is why some rambunctious dogs may need longer play times to keep them happy. For instance, if you have a high-energy dog that is eager to frolic around, you should sign it up for an agility group. You can find information on such groups at veterinary clinics, local pet stores, or you could simply search for them on the Internet.