Do you have a dog that would like to eat almost everything? First of all, you should know what your dog should not eat and what may be dangerous for it. Within this article, I will try to show what type of food you should, by no means, feed your dog. Of course, there are individual cases which are based on breeds, weight, or factors alike, but here is a list that applies to all dogs and – what is even more important – you should carefully follow it in order to avoid accidents. It is because all animals have remarkably different metabolism rates.

Metabolism can be described as the process of breaking down food and turning it into energy. What your dog should avoid is for instance alcohol, as it can cause not only intoxication, but also coma or even death.

Yet another one is chocolate, which can cause panting, vomiting, and may severely damage your dog’s heart, as well as its nervous system. I would also like to mention coffee. You may found it weird – “who would give a dog coffee?” you may ask. However, remember that caffeine is present not only in coffee itself, but also in cola or chocolate. For a dog, it is essentially a kind of poison.