You can play with your dog in many ways. For your dog, it probably does not matter. It just wants to play and have fun, as well as some exercise. You can for example teach your dog how to fetch. Probably all breeds love fetching. To play this game, you can use a standard active toy, such as a ball or even something like a Frisbee or a disc made of a solid, hard plastic.

The toy may also be a rubber one. First of all you have to win your dog’s attention and interest it with the object you hold in your hand. Then, make sure that the dog’s eyes track it as you move it around and afterwards – throw the toy away. Later on, you may have to teach your dog command like “Drop it”.

Another game that you can teach your dog is hide and seek. It is great because as it encourages the dog to use his sense of smell. You have to take dog’s favorite toy (it may be a ball), and hide in a part of house where the dog cannot see it. Then, call your dog and wait for it to find the item. Offer it some praise and reward it with the ball you have. This is really a great game that your dog will surely love.