If fact, it can do so from one thousand to even ten million times better! It is caused by the fact that depending on the breed, your canine may have one hundred million to even four hundred million scent glands in its nose, allowing it not only to easily and quickly identify virtually any smell imaginable, but also – to sense threat, food, or other dogs from as far as two kilometers away.

The sense of scent is the most effective in the case of canines that were originally bred for hunting down, chasing, and killing game, as their scent glands could make or break a hunting endeavor.

Scientists have estimated that humans have only about five million scent glands in their nose, which translates into the ability to sense items and people that are nearby. We are unable to identify a smell of a person we like from a very far distance, even when he or she wears truly strong perfumes.

Sometimes, we can only sense food from remarkably far away, but to do so, wind has to be favorable and take the smell right to our nostrils – otherwise we are unable to identify it. Dogs have it much easier and that is why they are so willing to run down the street to greet another dog…or pick up a hot dog that someone has thrown away! What amazing animals dogs truly are!