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Tips for your dog on New Year’s Eve

Dogs can become stressed by the noise of fireworks causing them to become anxious, howl, bark or try to escape. Before New Year’s eve, we want to share few things that could help dogs which are afraid of fireworks: - keep animals in a place where they can’t flee -...

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Christmas Wishes 2018!

Merry Christmas! May you, your family, and of course your pets have a fantastic 2018 year! Remember about our facebook profile - Regards,...

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There is hope for disabled dogs!

Canines which have experienced serious body damages in the course of various accidents or fights with other dogs have frequently be left alone without help and forced to lead a miserable, painful life. Not anymore, though! Thanks to state-of-the-art technology limbs...

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Canine obesity becomes a fact!

If you think that only humans can be affected by obesity and overfeeding – think again. As it turns out, Great Britain can become world’s leader with regard to the number of overfed dogs living within its borders. Additionally, as there are no significant changes in...

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Can dogs smell cancer?

Most of people being owners of dogs have been probably wondering whether a dog can smell cancer. The answer is yes, dogs can smell cancer. What is more, they can even smell it at the so-called stage zero. However, why would a dog be interested in smelling cancer?...

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It may just be a tale or a fact. So-called sixth sense?

It may just be a tale or a fact. For sure many of us would like to know whether our beloved dog can see supernatural and whether they can detect unexplained or invisible presences using the so-called sixth sense. Probably everyone would be exited thinking that their...

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    Originally, those dogs were bred to be medium size guard dogs. Nowadays, …Read More »

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