Most of people being owners of dogs have been probably wondering whether a dog can smell cancer. The answer is yes, dogs can smell cancer. What is more, they can even smell it at the so-called stage zero.

However, why would a dog be interested in smelling cancer? First of all, there has to be something of interest for it. The entire story starts thousands of years ago, when people provided shelters for dogs and dogs used their nose to help. Dogs used their noses for peoples’ benefit.

More important question is why dogs can smell cancer? The answer is really simple – if something was wrong with us, it would affect our dog as well. Even if we are sick, it directly affects our ability to provide food and shelter. For instance, if you cut your leg, almost every dog would find and sniff the cut.

They notice every change and difference. Even a small change may mean that we may become incapacitated in some way, which means that the dog may suffer. That is why this is so important to them.