If you think that only humans can be affected by obesity and overfeeding – think again. As it turns out, Great Britain can become world’s leader with regard to the number of overfed dogs living within its borders. Additionally, as there are no significant changes in food regimes are expected, experts estimate that in 10 years, every one-in-twenty dogs will be morbidly obese, meaning that its body mass will pose a serious threat to the rest of it organism.

As it is with humans, the excess of food may lead to, among others, cardiovascular problems, strokes, heart failures, stomach problems, liver failures, and detrimental health issues alike.
It has to be remembered that the so-called canine obesity crisis can be slowed down or stopped completely if we focus on well-being of our four-legged friends and take them for a walk every single day.

What is more, a bit of frolicking in the garden or a long session of catch will surely do our dogs a lot of good. Last but not least, we should try to balance and modify the diet of our canines in such a way to provide them with valuable vitamins, minerals, microelements, and other key nutrients instead of shoving empty calories and various types of fat down their throats. You have to remember that being the owner of a dog is not only a pleasure – it is also a real responsibility!