It may just be a tale or a fact. For sure many of us would like to know whether our beloved dog can see supernatural and whether they can detect unexplained or invisible presences using the so-called sixth sense. Probably everyone would be exited thinking that their favorite dog can see their relatives or friends.

There has been a woman who has written a her book and used multiple instances of unexplainable actions by dog which has apparently interacted with something or someone invisible. She has written about a women who left seven dogs and six cats. There were numerous witnesses who believed that she still visited her daily. They said that they had seen the animal suddenly gather in one spot and wriggle in enjoyment, all of them sitting at attention and staring into the nothingness.

However, the so-called sixth sense may simply be the result of keen hearing or exceptional sense of smell, because dogs’ senses are keener and different than ours. Their eyes can detect movements better and their sense of smell is 10 000 more sensitive than ours.