Canines which have experienced serious body damages in the course of various accidents or fights with other dogs have frequently be left alone without help and forced to lead a miserable, painful life. Not anymore, though! Thanks to state-of-the-art technology limbs they have lost, as well as other defects can be fixed with the use of 3D printing. The said fact has recently been proved on the example of a dog, which lost its back leg as a result of having been shot by burglars trying to break into the house of its owners.

Fortunately enough, thanks to advanced modeling and printing technologies, the brave canine can now walk again, as its damaged leg has been replaced with a 3D mold that perfectly resembles the lost limb. Scientists claim that it is just the very first step on the way of treating and helping disabled animals with technology.

They believe that in next five to ten years, it will become possible to completely regrow their diseased or defective internal organs by means of using tissue taken from their bodies. 3D technology is also believed to play a remarkable part in the improvement of medical treatment quality, as it will soon allow to print almost every limb and every part of pet’s body from scratch, allowing it to enjoy its life to the fullest!