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1. Those Terms and Conditions relate to a legal agreement for service provision between the administration of the OhMyDoggies.com website and the user of the webpage in question. This document governs basic principles relating to both access and utilization of both the website and materials published within its scope.

2. The content of the website shall be understood as all the materials published therein, namely – photos, articles, videos, and digital files alike that can be browsed by users without the need to register on the website or perform any additional undertakings of the said kind.

3. Please note that the content of those Terms and Conditions may be changed at any time without any prior notice about the said fact. Therefore, the User shall be responsible for consulting this document periodically in order to check its content.

4. Administration of the OhMyDoggies.com informs that no pieces of information published therein shall be deemed medical advices, diagnoses, or any recommendations alike as to how to take care of pets owned by the Users. All of the provided data are informative in character and should not be used as a substitute to a professional advice offered by an expert vet. What is more, it is acknowledged that there are no vet-client relationships created between the administration of the OhMyDoggies.com website and its users.

5. Administration informs its users that information published within the framework of the OhMyDoggies.com website shall be utilized for educational and/or informational purposes exclusively. Provided data shall not be relied on while proceeding to treating a pet owned by the User. It is highly recommended to seek veterinary’s advice in the case of any health problems identified in the pet. Medical help should be taken advantage of as soon as possible, without no delays whatsoever.

6. Agreement between the administration and the user may be terminated at any time. What is more, if the user does not accept those Terms and Conditions, he or she should immediately stop using the OhMyDoggies.com website and all the content available therein.


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